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5 Of The Best Money-Saving Things To Do The Next Time You Book A Hotel

You don’t have to overpay for a hotel room. There are tricks and tips you can use to find the best room rates so you can enjoy your trip guilt-free. Check a few of them out below: 1) Look into business hotels. Business hotels tend to provide great deals, especially when traveling within Europe. The reason is because business can often be slow during summer months and on weekends at hotels that cater to business travelers, which can lead to lower prices. 2) Ask for a corner room. We also…

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5 Things Not to Do When Booking a Hotel

Many of the most typical travel purchases are pretty simple commodities — albeit commodities with wildly varying prices. Unless you are upgraded somehow, on the whole a flight is a flight. Similarly, unless you are upgraded (or downgraded, as the case may be) for your car rental, a car is a car. But hotel rooms are a different thing entirely. A wet/small/ugly/smelly/poorly located hotel room, or a room with no Internet, a lousy view and/or a broken TV, can easily ruin a trip. While even a long-haul flight is over…

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5 Things to look for During the Hotel Booking Process

While zeroing down on a hotel of your choice, you have to struggle hard to choose the hotel of your choice as you’ll be faced with a wide array of choices. Choosing the one that meets your needs and requirements out of the available options can prove to be a daunting task. A little bit of initial research will definitely ease your task and can really make the difference. Here we present a quick checklist that can you can seek for while booking a suitable cheap hotel online. Location: Location…

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10 Things To Do Before Booking A Hotel Room

We’ve all heard the hotel horror stories. Fear of bedbugs, filthy, rooms and disturbing discoveries are enough to make any traveler paranoid about the quality of his or her hotel room. While the details do vary from hotel to hotel, there are a handful of things worth considering before and during any hotel stay. 1. Compare rates Call it strange but it’s sometimes possible to book a nicer hotel one at its cheaper competitor’s rates by giving them a call. So while booking online is very convenient, a call to…

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